Water Filter Systems for Common Water Problems

Bad water symptoms range in complexity and often times are very difficult to detect.  We’ve provided the following starting point so that you can begin to diagnose water problems.  Most importantly, we’ve tried to provide some potential ways to address it with a water filter system from Kinetico Quality Water Systems of Missoula and Ravalli Counties. If you are unable to diagnose it from here, give us a call or fill out our contact form on this page to get the help you need.

Metallic Tasting WaterMetallic Taste or Smell?

Usually these are the result of metals in the water such as iron and manganese.  They can be dangerous to your health in addition to the unpleasant smell.

Read more about Iron and Manganese in your drinking water.


tastes-ordors-in-water“Rotten Egg” Smell?

Hydrogen sulfide in your water gives it the unpleasant “rotten egg” smell. In some cases you may not even be able to use this water for cooking or drinking.
Read more about the “Rotten Egg” smell in your water.


Arsenic in Water

Arsenic in Water

If you live in Montana, arsenic may be a problem in your water. Arsenic is an odorless, tasteless and colorless semi-metal. Though it’s a naturally occurring element, too much arsenic can be introduced into the water supply by different industrial or agricultural processes. Learn more about arsenic in your water and schedule a free water analysis to find out if a water filtration system can help.


chlorine-taste-and-smell-waterChlorine Taste or Smell?

Some cities purify water by adding chlorine.  Adversely, chlorine alters the taste and smell of the water and can also cause dry hair and skin.

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hard-waterHard Water Problems?

The build up of soap scum in bathrooms and on faucets is caused by calcium and magnesium ions in water. This hardness is also responsible for the demise of appliances which can cause inefficiency resulting in repairs or replacements.
Read more about hard water problems and treatment options.



Cloudy Water?

Water entering the home that has a dark cloudy appearance is often full of impurities.

Read more if you have cloudy drinking water.


Fishy Smell in WaterMusty, Earthy, Fishy Taste or Smell?

Those odors are caused by algae, mold or bacteria that can generate from the water and multiply in a plumbing system.

Read more if your water smells or tastes earthy, musty, or fishy.


Is there lead in Your water?

With the recent lead scare in Ohio and Michigan, we wanted our customers to be informed.

Read more about lead in your water & what you can do.

Blue-green staining on your appliances?blue-green staining from your water

Have you noticed blue-green stains around your sink and shower drains? This is due high levels of copper in your water.

Learn more about how Clearwater Systems Montana can help solve the problem.