Water Softeners

Kinetico Quality Water Systems of Missoula and Ravalli Counties understands that hard water can really harm people’s skin and health as well as plumbing systems, appliances, and more. Thus, we have the best water treatment solutions in place to help our residential and commercial clients. By calling or emailing today, we will send our certified technicians to test the water and develop custom solutions. We are here to offer affordable and efficient water softening solutions.

These are some of the reliable and innovative water softener systems that we offer:

img-softeners-premierKinetico Premier Series Water Softeners

Kinetico Premier Series water softening systems have earned the Best Buy seal from Consumers Digest, Inc. These products are perfect because they do not use electricity. Customers can expect efficiency out of these items because they are a streamlined and effective product.


img-softeners-signatureKinetico Signature Series Water Softeners

The Kinetico Signature Series offers water softeners that fight against even the most difficult cases of hard water. This brand has long been a favorite of ours because it has taken care of water issues for millions of people. Customers can be sure to soften their water by investing in the Kinetico Signature line of products.


Kinetico Essential Water SoftenerKinetico Essential Series Water Softeners

The great thing about the Kinetico Essential Water Softener line is that the products will automatically detect how much water people use and will thus clean themselves on a regular basis. This self-cleaning feature is quick and efficient. Thus, people do not have to wait for the softener to work again after cleaning. Clean water is always available thanks to the Essential Water Softeners!

Kinetico Quality Water Systems of Missoula and Ravalli Counties offers you a unique opportunity to try a Kinetico water softener or other brand of water softener in your home for 90 days before you buy. We’ll take all the risk to prove the quality of our water treatment products in addition to the value of our company.

Request information on a free water analysis today.