Water Softener Salt

Hard water is a problem for many western Montana households. Water that has a high calcium, magnesium or other mineral content can cause soaps or laundry detergent to not lather well, not to mention that hard water can cause build-up in water supply lines and can stain fixtures or clothing. Many areas of the country have naturally hard water, depending on the area from which the supply is derived.

Salt is an effective, natural softener that works with many softening systems. The amount or type of salt needed depends on your individual system or type of hard water. Salt also helps to make water safe for drinking, while helping to reduce scale and stain problems.

Contact a Kinetico Quality Water Systems of Missoula and Ravalli Counties expert for questions about salt for your hard water problem, or browse our salt products below.

  • 40 lb. Extra course softener salt
  • 40 lb. Rustbuilder salt
  • 40 lb. Potassium regenerant (NaCl alternative)
  • 80 lb. Pellet salt for water softeners