Water Filters

Filter ChangeFilters are essential to keeping drinking water safe and removing rust and other contaminants from the water supply. Filters also assist in keeping bacteria and pesticides from both drinking and household water supplies. Micron levels (the average opening size on the filter media) depend on the filter, but generally, a lower micron level is recommended for well water.

We have the right replacement filters for your unique system, from pleated cellulose sediment filters to KILF reusable and disposable filters. For water with odor or taste issues, an activated carbon impregnated cellulose filter can be beneficial.

No matter your water problem, Kinetico Quality Water Systems of Missoula and Ravalli Counties can help you find the right filter for your needs. Contact us with questions, or browse our selection below.

  • 10”/20” S-1: a pleated cellulose sediment filter (20 micron)
  • 10”/20” R-30: a pleated polyester reusable filter (30 micron)
  • KILF (reusable and disposable)
    • Reusable: a 10″ pleated sediment filter (20 micron)
    • Discardable: 10″ string wound sediment filter (20 micron)
  • K5 (Pre and Post filters)
    • Pre-filters: a high capacity carbon/sediment cartridge
    • Post-filters: a taste and odor cartridge
  • MAC: a carbon filter for old style Kinetico R.O.
  • P5: a 5 micron sediment filter
  • GAC: a granular activated carbon filter
  • 10”/20” C-1: an activated carbon impregnated cellulose for taste and odor