Rotten Egg Smell In Your Water

tastes-ordors-in-waterThere are few water problems as recognizable as water that comes out of the tap smelling like rotten eggs. Many western Montana homes suffer from this unpleasant odor, but do you know why? Learn about the causes of rotten egg smell in your water and how to fix it below.

Many sources can cause the rotten egg smell in your water supply. Sometimes clogged drains can omit the foul odor. This is any easy fix. Simply pour some peroxide or other cleaner down your drain, and let it do the work for you.

Your hot water heater is another potential cause of your water’s rotten egg smell. If your water heater has a magnesium anode rod, it could be the source of your water’s stench. Replacing the magnesium rod with an aluminum or zinc one should eliminate the smell.

Sulfur in Water

Dissolved iron can also contribute to you water’s smell. However, the main cause of rotten egg smell in Montana water is sulfur. Hydrogen sulfide gas is actually what causes the odor. It doesn’t take much hydrogen sulfide for you to notice a gross odor in you water supply.

Sulfur water has no known health effects, though it can sometimes change the taste of water. Metal items like silverware can discolor or turn a blackish color when washed often, and anyone with sulfur water can attest to the difficulty of getting truly clean clothes. Hydrogen sulfide water literally lessens the effect of detergent and corrodes any exposed metal parts in the washer.

There are several ways to combat sulfur in your water, including chlorine bleach removal, iron removal and aeration removal. We recommend having your water testing by our Kinetico professionals because hydrogen sulfide rich water does not have a one-size-fits-all solution. Our water experts will make sure you get the water odor removal system that fits your specific needs.

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