Whole House Water Filters

When you are looking for water filtration solutions, Kinetico Quality Water Systems of Missoula and Ravalli Counties puts your challenging water problems in check. Our systems are designed to eradicate common water problems that leave a bad taste in your mouth. With our specialized forms of purification, a simple water filter is all you need to effectively eliminate impurities and other unwanted elements. All that is left is pure and great-tasting water.

Our water filtration systems address these issues in the following ways:

Kinetico DechlorinatorKinetico Dechlorinator

The convenient Kinetico Dechlorinator is easily attached to a water softener to effectively remove any trace of chlorine from drinking water. Even if there are detrimental environmental conditions, the seal remains tight and continues to allow water to flow.


Kinetico KUV Water PurifierKinetico KUV Water Purifier

When bacteria contaminates water, it can cause illness. Along with providing fresh water for bathing, drinking and cleaning, the KUV water purification system from Kinetico kills pathogens. Some of the types of contaminants it removes are viruses, E. coli and total coliforms, giardia, legionella and cryptosporidium.


Saltless Scale Reducing System (SRS)Saltless Scale Reducing System (SRS)

Do you have scaly buildup in the areas where you have hot tap water? Traces of salt in your water can cause appliances to break and can seriously affect your hot water pipes. Regardless, the Saltless Scale Reducing System will remove excess salt that slowly destroys appliances, damages hot water pipes and causes scaly buildup.


SmartClear Iron and Odor FilterSmartClear Iron and Odor Filters

We all need more iron in our diets, but when your water is full of it, it causes more problems than it is worth. In these situations, the SmartClear Iron and Odor Filter is ideal. Unlike other filters that remove iron odors, this one does not use chemicals. We also pride ourselves in offering one of the most affordable water filters of this type on the market.

Free Water Analysis

We provide a no-cost water test that will help to isolate which chemicals are in your water. Some of the common chemicals we often identify are arsenic, iron, chlorine, methane and hydrogen sulfide. After you have a general idea of what is in your water, we can work to provide you the correct solutions with our filters. We also offer our customers a free trial for 90 days. Soon, you will see why our customers come to us with all of their water filtration needs.