Kinetico of Montana Locations

Convenient Western Montana Location

Kinetico Quality Water System’s water and service records date back almost two decades, in addition to 30 plus years of company wide water treatment experience and 60 years combined employee experience. Over the years we have mapped and documented the local water types by area around Missoula and Ravalli, Montana.

Why a Missoula or Ravalli  resident should consider water filtration

You wouldn’t pick out contaminated meat or vegetables from the grocery store, would you? Believe it or not, your water supply could also be contaminated. Your tap water could contain iron that leaves orange stains in your sink or shower. Montana water is also known to have high arsenic levels which can be potentially poisonous to you and your family.

Other problems like rotten egg smell caused by sulfur and contamination by pharmaceuticals and personal care products can lower the quality and safety of your drinking water.

Why experience matters when choosing a water treatment system

A one time water analysis is only a snapshot of your water supply. Montana’s mountainous nature constantly affects the content of your water. Our experts use their years of experience to accurately judge your specific water purification needs. After your Kinetico system is installed our team provides timely and appropriate service.

Contact us today if you think a Kinetico water filtration system is right for you. Check out the areas we serve below.

Missoula and the surrounding towns we service:

Huson, Clinton, East Missoula, Bonner, Lolo, Frenchtown and Missoula City

Areas around Missoula we service:

Mullan Road,Evaro Hill, Blue Mountain Road, Buffalo Speedway, Frenchtown Frontage Road, Grass Range, Potomac

Drainages we service near Missoula:

Grant Creek, Rattle Snake, BlackFoot River, Miller Creek, Butler Creek, Petty Creek. Water variations occur within these categories and specific on site testing is recommended.