Drinking Water Filtration Systems

Do you have metallic-tasting or “hard” water coming out from the taps at your Montana home? Are you looking to get clean, fresh water, purified and softened for your enjoyment or for utility purposes? Kinetico Quality Water Systems of Missoula and Ravalli Counties uses cutting-edge industrial filtration techniques to bring you the best water possible. Everyone deserves clean and softened water for easier drinking, and with these simple and affordable systems, you too can have the kind of natural drinking water you deserve. Contact Kinetico Quality Water Systems of Missoula and Ravalli Counties for a free in-home water analysis.

K5 Drinking Water StationKinetico K5 Drinking Water Station

If you have contaminants or other substances in your water, we have the best option available for removing them. Use the K5 Station for all your drinking water needs. It’s sensibly sized, economical and uses next-generation filtration techniques to keep all your water clear, clean and refreshing, 24 hours a day. Easy to slide under the sink or in any other small space, this filtration system has a lead-free spout and can reliably filter all the drinking water you’ll need. With its advanced filtering technology, the K5 Station is a great investment for years to come, giving you softened water whenever you need it.


AquaKinetic Drinking Water SystemAquaKinetic Drinking Water System

If you find most water purifiers bulky and unwieldy, the AquaKinetic is a great choice for you. Its compact size allows storage and transport anywhere in your home or place of business with ease. If you have a small bathroom or colonial home with no room for a conventional water filter, the AquaKinetic may be the ideal choice. In addition, this filter can use reverse osmosis technology to remove the maximum amount of contaminants possible from your water. This kind of groundbreaking technique will make your water taste better than ever, and you can also have the added security and peace of mind of having healthy, clean water for you and your family to drink – and best of all, you won’t need to alter your plumbing or water pressure. You deserve safe and well-filtrated water, and the AquaKinetic can bring that to you efficiently and effectively.

MACguard Drinking Water FilterMACguard Filter

If your water contains abnormal levels of chlorine or other industrial chemicals, you need the MACguard water filter system. This system can effectively remove chlorine, contaminants and chemicals from your daily drinking water, allowing you to become healthier, more comfortable and more hydrated. When you drink clean, dechlorinated water, your body can process it better and you will find yourself more energetic and with a better outlook. Countless chemical contaminants in public and utility drinking water have been linked to illness, depression and even cancer. Clean up your drinking water’s act today with the MAGguard filter, conveniently priced and easy to operate.

Kinetico KubeKinetico Kube

The Kinetico Kube has been shown to remove more impurities from drinking water than conventional water filters. The Kube gives you the peace of mind that you are drinking the highest quality drinking water, and it can be installed in a matter of minutes. Just follow the instructions and attach the Kube’s under your sink to enjoy high-quality drinking water.

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With a unique drinking water purification system trial, Kinetico Quality Water Systems of Missoula and Ravalli Counties offers you an opportunity to try conditioned or purified water for 90 days before you buy. We’ll take all the risk to prove the value of our company and products.

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