Your Business Operates on Clean Water

kinetico water softener familyFrom restaurants and hotels to maintenance and manufacturing, water impacts day to day operations. Kinetico of Montana is committed to providing the cleanest water possible to Western Montana businesses. From bottled water delivery to full water filtration systems, let Kinetico of Montana be the source of your business’ water.


If you work in the restaurant industry, you know that water is an important piece in your day to day operations. Drinking water served at the table should taste fresh and clean. Bottled water is not only expensive but it is not environmentally friendly. A drinking water filtration system can provide fresh tasting water to your customers. Filtered water can even improve the taste of your food.

Installing a water softener can also help impact the aesthetics of your operations.  Customers find spots on glass and flatware caused by hard water unappealing. A water softener also helps preserve the life of your appliances and dishware. Without the hard scale build up, dishwashers run more efficiently and bathroom fixtures will remain rust free.

Hair Salons

No one wants to leave the salon feeling like they want to wash their hair again. Unappealing stains and brown streaks in your wash basin from iron and manganese in can hurt your business. A water softener or water filtration system can eliminate odors hard water might contribute to and keep your fixtures looking clean and new.


When it comes to laundry, water is obviously a huge component. A water softener or water filtration system will help to keep your customers’ laundry clean and increase the lifespan of your equipment. Unfiltered, hard water causes iron and calcium deposits to  build up in pipes and drains. This can lead to equipment malfunction and break down.


Water affects hotel guests from check-in to check-out. A commercial water softener or water filtration system can help keep your hotel’s water chemical-free every day. Back-end operations like housekeeping and laundry service rely on water in addition to the customer-facing pieces like restaurants and guest-room showers. It is clear that water impacts both you and your hotel guests.


Clean water is just as important to manufacturing plants as it is to homeowners. Water can impact the equipment used in creating a product and the product itself. Hard water can cause corrosion on manufacturing equipment and can cause machine breakdowns. From full water filtration and purification systems to portable deionizers, Kinetico of Montana can help to keep your manufacturing facility running at its best.

Interested in installing a water filtration or purification system that fits your business and your budget? Contact the experts at Kinetico of Montana for a commercial water analysis.