Commercial Products

Commercial Water Softener SystemsWith over 30 years experience, Kinetico Quality Water Systems of Missoula and Ravalli Counties is a leader in the water treatment industry. We can do everything from designing to installing commercial water softeners and filters and help businesses improve their overall water quality.

We serve the needs of both small businesses and larger corporations. First, we come in and evaluate a business’s water quality. From here, our experts offer honest advice about how to improve the water quality to prevent expensive issues later on down the line. Common water issues include plumbing problems, damage, increased maintenance needs, and equipment meltdowns. Our state of the art water softeners and filters protect businesses and keep people safe.

Some of our solutions are pre-packaged or designed, but we can also develop custom solutions for commercial groups. Efficiency is important. Out technicians are factory trained and certified by the International Water Quality Association. Groups can expect some of the following solutions from Kinetico.

Improved Drinking Water for Commercial Groups

Some businesses want affordable bottled water whereas others want an advanced water purification system for their business. Kinetico Quality Water Systems of Missoula and Ravalli Counties helps find the most cost-effective solution to improve drinking water quality for any business.

Water Softening Technology

Hard water can destroy equipment, affect a business’s plumbing, and be hard on employees’ health. Kinetico has everything from hot water softeners and electric and non-electric softeners to filter and softener combination solutions and technology. Businesses with older buildings or unique architecture can benefit from custom-designed solutions.

Best Filtration Services

Kinetico filters remove chlorine and arsenic as well as adjust the pH of the water. With a wide range of filter solutions, we can improve water quality. We have non-backwashing options, twin tank continuous filter options, and cartridge solutions, among others. Deionizers also regulate water.

Give us a call today, and our experts will come and evaluate your business’s water quality!