Automatic Salt Delivery

Why Automatic Delivery?

Clearwater Systems offers automatic salt delivery for customers who need a seamless, hassle-free experience in managing their water filtration systems. Auto delivery ensures hard water issues caused by missed pickups or busy schedules are not just avoided, they’re eliminated. Clearwater delivers the salt you need, when you need it, for your specific water purification system.

Scheduled Salt DeliveryBuy 10, Get One Free!

When you sign up for automatic salt delivery with Clearwater, every time you buy 10 bags, you get one free! It’s easy to qualify. First, contact us to get started. Then, once your subscription is activated, your buy 10, get one free offer begins right away.

A Few More Reasons for Automatic Salt Delivery

Automatic delivery works just like any subscription service. When you sign up, you get the number of bags you need delivered regularly when you need it, right to your door. Which means:

  1. No more heavy lifting of bag after bag into (and out of) your trunk.
  2. No more trying to time your salt pickup down to the day
  3. No more “no salt” periods when a busy schedule prevents timely purchase and pickup

And, just like any subscription service, we reward you for your regular purchase by giving you a deal that’s easier on your wallet (buy 10, get one free!).

Sounds pretty convenient to us! Contact us today to start your auto delivery service!